The upcoming X-Men film The New Mutants is still on the back-burner after Walt Disney Co. bought 20th Century Fox.

Marvel delayed the release date — which is now in August — and reshoots to make the movie scarier still haven’t happened, Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) told Rolling Stone. “Who the f*** knows when that’s gonna come out,” Williams said. “Hopefully, this interview will make everyone hurry up a little bit!”

She is set to trade in her sword for claws as mutant Wolfsbane to join the league of X-Men with GOT co-star and best friend Sophie Turner, according to ComicBook.

Though she’ll always be Arya Stark to GoT fans, Williams will wrap up her role in the HBO series this April. She will start shooting the thriller The Owners, which is based on the comic book by artist Herrmann and Yves H, this spring, according to Popsugar.

Once work on The New Mutants finally starts up again, the movie is set to be a horror trilogy. However, the spinoff’s director Josh Boone is currently focusing on his movie version of Stephen King’s The Stand.

If Disney and Marvel finally get the ball rolling, The New Mutants will hit theaters August 2 — maybe.

H/T Rolling Stone

Photo: Disney