Warning: The Walking Dead spoilers ahead.

The final moments of The Walking Dead‘s first half of season 9 were pretty unforgettable. The Whisperers made their long-awaited introduction in the most epic of ways and literally stabbed Jesus (Tom Payne) in the back in front of friends.

Now, he’s coming back.

In an interview with Walker Stalker, Payne revealed that Jesus is set to return to the show to help explain what happened during the six year time jump.

“There’s a six-year time jump, in which a lot of stuff happened and there’s those mysterious marks on Michonne and Daryl,” Payne said. “All of these things which could be explained, and Jesus may have a hand in some of that.”

Details about the time jump are still a mystery, but it’s clear that something happened. In the first half of season 9, strange scars were revealed on both Daryl and Michonne, who are clearly as distrusting of newcomers as ever. Clearly, something bad happened in the last six years.

Jesus is a very prominent character in the comic series, but his on-screen adaptation failed to live up to his comic counterpart. Payne himself even voiced his displeasure with the way Jesus’ character arc progressed.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC next year.

h/t Forbes