Perhaps there is still hope for the Asgaurdians of the Galaxy, or at least more time on screen for the god of thunder, if an exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter is correct.

According to THRThor Ragnarok director Taika Waititi has inked a deal to direct a fourth installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor franchise.

Waititi brought a new feel to the Thor movies when he directed 2017’s Ragnarok, playing to Chris Hemsworth (Thor)’s comedic abilities and infusing the film with more humor.

While many expected Avengers: Endgame to be Hemsworth’s final appearance as the hero, Thor’s plot did leave significant room for additional storytelling. Plus, Hemsworth has previously stated in interviews that he would be happy to continue playing the character.

As THR notes, taking on Thor 4 means Waititi’s film adaptation of the Japanese manga Akira will be put on hold indefinitely.

Photo: Walt Disney Studios