Photo: Associated Press

There’s a new jukebox musical movie in the works at Universal, using the music of the late singer Prince.

The studio recently acquired the rights to multiple songs from Prince’s discography and plans to develop an original, fictional narrative plotline that revolves around them (think Mamma Mia or Across the Universe).

Universal and Prince’s estate decided that Purple Rain (1984) already covered the biopic angle for Prince’s music and wanted to try something else, according to Variety.

Troy Carter, the entertainment advisor of Prince’s estate, and Jody Gerson, chairman and CEO of Universal Music Publishing, will executive produce the movie.

There are no further details on the plot or release date, but with songs like “Kiss,” “When Doves Cry,” and “Purple Rain” to work with, this movie could be a killer ’80s-style rom-com for sure.

h/t: Variety