It’s a very Hogwarts Halloween, and we’re all invited. No need to stay posted by the mailbox any longer because your Hogwarts invite is finally here. After all this time, you ask? (Always.)

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is going all out this #spookyszn with special Harry Potter exhibits and experiences running from Sept. 27 to Nov. 10. This year’s Halloween special will focus on Death Eater fashion. It’s like the Met Gala — Voldemort style! 

In the Harry Potter films, each of Voldy’s minions had a unique mask designed to reflect his or her ~*sparkling*~ personality. At the exhibit, members of the Harry Potter Art Department will demonstrate the painstaking process behind the intricate designs of the hand-etched Death Eater masks. The original Death Eater masks and costumes from the films will be on display for fans to see in the flesh.

Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Potterheads can also expect to see more than 100 floating jack-o’-lanterns hand-carved by the Prop Making Department, as well as treats aplenty on the tables of the Great Hall, including red apples and cauldrons of lollipops. And why can’t Harry Potter tell the difference between his best mate and his cooking pot? Because they’re both cauldron. Get it?

Visitors can get right into the thick of things with a variety of slime and goo that one might find in the Forbidden Forest, including a look at how troll snot and unicorn blood are created. The evening continues with the chance to learn wand combat moves from Wand Choreographer Paul Harris in preparation for a live duel with Death Eaters.

The Studio Tour’s “Hogwarts After Dark” events will also return this year with spooky cocktails and a two-course dinner on the set of the Great Hall from Oct. 25-27. Aspiring Hogwarts students can purchase tickets now to feast beneath the floating pumpkins, traipse through the Forbidden Forest for dessert, and dive into a dark and creepy Diagon Alley,… just don’t make a wrong turn.

Let’s hope everyone paid attention in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Photo: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London