Still salty about never getting your Hogwarts Letter? Now, there’s a magical experience we’re all invited to enjoy.

Wizarding World Digital is enhancing its Wizarding World app with a new yearly subscription called Wizarding World Gold, out this fall. Preorders are open and come with a welcome gift that would have even Hermione swooning.

Currently, Wizarding World, brought through a partnership between Pottermore Ltd. and Warner Bros., gives fans a free place to find Harry Potterrelated news, exclusive writings from J.K. Rowling, and a Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony (Ravenclaw represent). Wizarding World Gold will “delve deeper into the magic” for $74.99 a year. Preorders include a one-of-a-kind Keys and Curios journal that arrives personalized with your name, Hogwarts House, and more. 

The subscription itself unlocks a number of exclusive access and collectibles. In Wizarding World Originals, a new video series unlocked with the yearly subscription, users can learn about the making of the Harry Potter universe through original videos that feature craftspeople and creative talent, or reread the series in a new set of ebooks. Another perk is priority booking to events like the Wizarding World Christmas Party in the Great Hall at Warner Bros. studios in London. Plus, fans can access merchandise before anyone else and collect pins from multiple destinations across the world.

While it isn’t exactly the letter we’ve all been waiting for, it is a start. Head to for more info or to order. 

Photo: Wizarding World