Rescue and Iron Man Mark III Infinity Saga Marvel Legends figures | Source: Hasbro Pulse/the Pop Insider

Hasbro Pulse just keeps adding to its lineup of Marvel Legends figures inspired by the Infinity Saga (Phases 1-3) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we are here for it!

On Friday, Hasbro revealed three new Infinity Saga sets: Iron Man Mark III, a Captain Marvel and Rescue 2-pack, and a Happy Hogan and Iron Man Mark XXI 2-pack. Today, the (literally) massive reveal was Surtur, as seen in Thor Ragnarok.

Keep reading below for more details about each figure or set and where to preorder them! All of these figures coming in Infinity Saga-branded packaging are expected to ship in the fall. Check out previous Marvel Legends Infinity Saga reveals here.