Far Cry 6 collection | Source: Koyo

Yara is still under attack and needs you to help defend the island nation from Anton’s power-hungry hand — but not without awesome gear. Manufacturer Koyo and the video game experts at Ubisoft are coming together to give Far Cry 6 fans a new collection of collectibles and accessories. The first-ever officially licensed Far Cry 6 collectibles include pins, patches, a keychain, a mug, and a water bottle.

The enamel pins in the collection are inspired by a variety of Far Cry characters and items. The 3D Lion Pin Badge, for example, is a replica of the pendant that dictator Antón Castillo wears on his signature, bright red necktie. The collection also includes a pin set inspired by the lethal Supremo backpacks that help players nearly annihilate Castillo’s army in missions. The pin set includes the Exterminator, Furioso, Fantasma, and Gladiator backpacks. The remaining pins in the lineup include an animal-themed set — featuring Chorizo the wiener dog, Guapo the alligator, and Chicharon the rooster — and a pin of the circular Far Cry 6 logo.

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That logo also pops up in the Far Cry 6 patch set, which includes two patches. One patch features the circular logo, while the second is embroidered with Anton’s dictatorial flag. Finally, the keychain, the mug, and the water bottle all feature the game’s name printed in yellow on a black background.

The full Far Cry 6 collection is available to purchase now at thekoyostore.com. There, gamers can also find collectibles inspired by Rainbow Six Siege, Warhammer 40,000, Street Fighter, and more.