Your Funko collection is about to get real magical.

The latest duo in Funko’s Vynl. Line is Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Romantic.

While you can add Ron and Hermione to your collection from anywhere Funko Pop! Vinyls are sold in June, there’s an exclusive at Ron and Hermione pairing at Barnes & Noble, which features Ron with a broken wand because men, amiright?

Plus, a whole third series of Harry Potter characters join Funko’s (and your) Mystery Minis collection, including new versions of Harry Potter, Alastor Moody, and Draco Malfoy. This series also features a whole bunch of characters making their Mystery Minis debut, such as Dolores Umbridge, Argus Filtch and Mrs. Norris (I’m screaming), Gregory Goyle, and more.

But where do you find those exclusives? This new series will launch in July, with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione in their Quidditch World Cup gear at Target; Harry Potter, Lucius Malfoy, and a black-and-white version of Tom Riddle at Hot Topic; Moaning Myrtle, Tom Riddle, and a Basilisk at Barnes & Noble.

Not enough? GOOD! There’s more…

Also in July, you can collect characters from the fifth series of Pop! Movies: Harry Potter. Like what? I’m glad you asked.

This series includes Harry, Ron, and Hermione dressed and ready for Herbology class (with a three-pack of the iconic trio available at Barnes & Noble exclusively); Ginny Weasley with Tom Riddle’s Diary; Tom Riddle; Nearly Headless Nick; and Gilderoy Lockhart (who also has his very own Barnes & Noble exclusive). Other exclusives from this series include a sepia version of Tom Riddle (#nofilter), a 6-inch Basilisk, and a 10-inch Dobby figure, all available exclusively at Target.