Each year, American Horror Story takes on a different theme, and the title of season nine was finally revealed: AHS 1984. The AHS social media accounts dropped the announcement today, along with a short video of a woman running through the woods in the dark, trying to escape a masked man following her with a butcher’s knife.

These are the only clues we have so far, but the teaser is giving off major ‘80s slasher-flick vibes, like Jason Voorhees at summer camp. It just so happens that Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter came out in 1984, as did A Nightmare on Elm Street and Children of the Corn.

Or, could it be a reference to 1984, the dystopian novel by George Orwell about government surveillance and propaganda? Maybe it will be a combination, which would be fitting since season eight of AHS was about the election and cults. Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, has said that all seasons are intertwined, which has become more evident with last season’s ApocolypseCovenMurder HouseHotel crossover.

Emma Roberts is returning for season nine, and her boyfriend will be played by Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy. Sadly, Evan Peters — who has appeared in every single season of AHS — said that he’s going to sit this season out. 

Photo: FX