Tease out your hair and grab your cassette tapes, because you’re about to be transported back to the ’80s, thanks to this ultimate video game comeback.

Konami Cross Media NY Inc. is teaming up with Tastemakers to release the classic Frogger video game as an Arcade1Up ¾-scale arcade cabinet for the home entertainment market. The iconic, frog-navigating game gained popularity in ’80s arcades, with continued appearances in pop culture today. 

The new Frogger at-home arcade cabinet will feature the same gameplay as the original, including the same music, joystick, and buttons. It will also have an immersive full color, hi-res display and original artwork on its panels. The unit stands just under 5 feet high with the included riser.

Konami Cross Media NY is also adding the Time Pilot and Time Pilot 84 arcade games to the Frogger arcade cabinet. Time Pilot, which was released by Konami in 1982, is a time travel-themed aerial combat game that allows the player’s plane to fly across open-air spaces.

“We wanted to recreate the game experience shared by all those fans who spent countless hours in video arcades playing Frogger back in the ’80s, while also enticing a new generation of fans to the franchise,” says Jennifer Coleman, vice president of licensing and marketing at Konami Cross Media NY Inc.

The ¾-scale Frogger arcade cabinet is available for preorder now. For more information, visit arcade1up.com/frogger.