If there were any doubts in our minds (or from “Elseworlds”) that Ruby Rose’s Batwoman would be the most badass CW superhero, the network’s first trailer proves it completely.

The first-look trailer for Batwoman, fresh off its season pickup, shows Rose in her element as the fierce-AF vigilante, fighting for justice.

The clip, admittedly, starts off slow with the disappearance of Batman, who’s “not coming back,” interspersed with some serious villains taking over Gotham City. Next, we meet Kate Kane (Rose) as she takes up the crime-fighting mantle in her cousin’s absence to find the series’ big bad Alice before she can wreak havoc on the hopeless city.

Willing to break all of the rules in the process, Kane breaks into Wayne Enterprises to grab Bruce’s gear, as she’s in need of the perfect super suit. Her retort when hearing his suit is literal perfection is, “It will be, when it fits a woman.” I am SO here for this feminist agenda as Batwoman becomes the latest DC hero to take up residence in the Arrowverse.

The “female Bruce Wayne” is strong, witty, fierce, and ready to fight for justice throughout Gotham like her cousin, but hey, she’s “not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work.” As it should be.

Batwoman joins Supergirl for a fierce Sunday night lineup this fall on the CW.

Photo: The CW