Harley Quinn proves vengeance is the best cure for a broken heart in the newest trailer for Birds of Prey, which was released today.

We’ve known the premise for a while: Joker kicks Harley Quinn out on the street and she handles the breakup just like any girl would — with junk food and high crime. 

This trailer (see below) gives another sneak peek into how she recruits her girl-group to kill the Black Mask. Cassandra Cain stole from him, Black Canary betrayed him, Renee Montoya was building a case against him, and Huntress killed his “BFF.” They decide to work with Quinn in order to avoid “very unpleasant deaths.” 

Explosions and mayhem are a recurring theme throughout the trailer. There’s a scene in which Quinn jumps out of a truck that is heading straight toward a chemical plant. She does the common superhero trope of walking away from an explosion — only she caused it and it’s a firework frenzy of blues and purples.

Birds of Prey is creating something we’ve never seen before: No longer do women need to be the damsels in distress in this genre of films; they can save (or damn) themselves. Catch the movie on Feb. 7.

Photo: Warner Bros