Orion Pictures released its first trailer for the Child’s Play reboot after Mark Hamill joined the cast as the voice for sinister Chucky.

The trailer drops more details from the storyline and brings all the feels. The movie follows a kid named Andy (Gabriel Bateman) who just moved to a new neighborhood with his single mom, Karen (Aubrey Plaza).

As the shy, new kid on the block, Andy is having trouble making friends, so his mom gets him the Buddi doll to lift his spirits. But, this Buddi is trying to steal spirits instead as a possessed, Wi-Fi-enabled doll. And you thought Alexa eavesdropping and recording your conversations was scary.

Andy becomes hopeless as police begin to investigate a murder, and they can’t believe that his doll Chucky committed them. They eventually come to realize it’s actually true.

The trailer ends with the addition of Mark Hamill’s voice as Chucky. It’s so sketch that you wouldn’t believe it’s the same guy who defends a galaxy far, far away.

There’s enough creeping in shadows, blood, screaming, and slashing in the intense trailer to either get you hyped for the horror movie — or hiding under your covers.

Grab some popcorn or your blankie to watch Child’s Play when it hits theaters on June 21.

Photo: Orion Pictures