Crunchyroll is diving into the production side of anime with a slate of eight shows due to premiere over the year. The series will blend eastern and western ideas with prospectives from creators all around the world. 

A number of the series will be based on graphic novels or comics of the same names. Tower of God — out in the spring — dives into dark fantasy as it follows a young man on his action-packed journey through the Tower. Along the way, he faces fears he didn’t know he had and pushes past them to find the only friend he’s ever had. In The God of High School, a high schooler and his friends compete in a tournament, borrowing their power directly from the gods. The reward for the winner? All of their deepest desires.

Noblesse follows a vampire who after being asleep for 820 years, is awoken to a new world of dangerous adventures and secret organizations. A group of 12 23-year-old psychics has to rebuild society after London is reduced to rubble in FreakAngels. The group needs to discover each of their better angels and disregard wild impulses.

Two of the series will bring a problem-solving theme to the slate. In/Spectre — out now — follows a duo as they attempt to discover what is behind the darkness that is plaguing their world, in an out-of-this-world, romance-meets-nail-biting-mystery. In High Guardian Spice, four girls are training to become the greatest heroes they can be at High Guardian Academy. They must form allegiances, uncover hidden truths, and save the world from an unknown doom.

Anime meets historical fiction in the two remaining series. Out in the summer, in Onyx Equinox a young Aztec boy is saved from death by the gods, at which point he is chosen to act as the champion of humans. He must prove humanity’s potential although he cannot see it himself. Inspired by historical events of Japan in 1870, Meiji Gekken: Sword & Gun (the working title) follows a group of misfits as they attempt to find their future while escaping their past. Characters include a former samurai, a yakuza bodyguard, a cunning spy, and a geisha assassin.

Crunchyroll adds these new titles to its global collection of anime that currently has thousands of titles. These new films will encapsulate more than 10 years of viewership data. 

Photo: Crunchyroll