Batman is ready to kick butt in a whole new way.

DC Collectibles just unmasked a brand-new line of premium collectible figures that blends the world of Lucha Libre with iconic DC characters.

Each 7–inch action figure is a Latin American-inspired reimagining of a DC superhero or villain, complete with a unique character backstory rooted in Mexico’s rich cultural history. Fans can create epic storylines while battling with the first wave of figures inspired by Batman, Deathstroke, Superman, Metallo II, Wonder Woman, and the Cheetah. The figures will be available in August.

DC Collectibles also announced DC Prime, a new premium-grade, 9-inch action-figure line brought to life by artist Riccardo Federici and sculptor Wonil Song. Each highly detailed figure is fully poseable and includes numerous custom accessories. Batman will be the first character to debut, in October, and includes multiple pairs of hands, a wired fabric cape, and three unique heads.

DC Engines of Chaos is another new statue line based on designs by DC artist Riley Rossmo. Each statue is a high-RPM transformation of a DC character, uniquely adapted for a gritty, dystopian world. Some figures are adapted to battle, others for survival. The figures will be available in November, launching with the Dark Knight riding a custom bike complete with armored wheels, a Bat-shaped grille, and a Joker-bot.