In September, Disney launched a subscription serviced called Disney Backstage that promised to give an “exclusive look behind-the-curtain.” This week they announced that five of the mystery boxes that subscribers might receive are going to be anniversary-based. As if the hype around Disney with Disney+ just a week away isn’t enough!

Not excited? Just remember that next year Toy Story will be 25, The Haunted Mansion will be 50, The Emperor’s New Groove will be 20 (!!), and Fantasia is turning an ancient 80-years-old!

The canisters all include a shirt, a collectible pin, and a story card. The story card will reveal Disney secrets straight to the subscribers. (Think they’ll tell us if Walt Disney really did freeze his head? Or how to beat the lines at Disney World?)

All of Disney’s secrets (and T-shirts) don’t come cheap. The subscription has three different options: three-month ($39.99/month), six-month ($37.99/month), and a year ($34.99/month). Keep in mind when you pay that all of the payments are made at once. The yearly subscription cost made me jump more than The Haunted Mansion ever could.

Check out the Toy Story and 3 Cabellero canisters below, and visit Disney’s website to subscribe.

Photos: Disney