Fortnite Season 7 has seen a handful of changes, including a new vehicle, a new Battle Pass, and new ziplines that help players travel to and from high terrain quicker than ever. Now, players can enjoy Fortnite Season 7 on the Nintendo Switch system from now until the season ends on February 28.
For thrill-seekers, the new Frosty Flights location and Expedition outposts feature new Stormwing planes that gamers can use to take to the skies. A newly added item type, Wraps, let players customize their weapons and vehicles with unique looks that compliment their favorite outfits.
Anyone can experience the new Fortnite season for free, but a new Battle Pass—that features exclusive rewards—is also available for purchase. For 950 V-bucks of in-game currency, players can access more than 100 exclusive rewards ready to unlock. Players who purchase the new Battle Pass will instantly receive the Zenith and Lynx progressive outfits.
In addition, Battle Pass owners will also earn early access to their own island in Fortnite Creative. This creative new feature gives players a new place to build their dream Fortnite alongside friends. In Creative, Fortnite fans can design games, race around the island, and even battle friends in a new way. An auto-save feature lets friends visit and revisit as often as they please. Everything you make is saved, so you and your friends can visit and revisit whenever you want. Battle Pass owners can start building their own private island right now during early access, with everyone else joining in on the fun for free on December 13.