With Final Fantasy VII Remake less than two months away — there’s something to keep you reminded of what you’re waiting for: the opening movie!

Square Enix dropped the video of the game’s opening sequence today, and it is beautiful! The five-minute video features high-definition art of the eclectic city of Midgar with newly orchestrated music. The viewer is quickly transported into a world where something very menacing is going on — setting the tone for the game due out on April 10.

Final Fantasy VII is a reimagining of the fan-favorite game. It focuses on a world where a mysterious corporation control’s the planet’s life force, and a group led by a mercenary is out to stop them from destroying everything. 

Fans of Final Fantasy can also look forward to the music from the video game being performed live by an orchestra and chorus conducted by Grammy-Award winner Arnie Roth. The tour will start in Los Angeles in June and then head to San Francisco; Fort Worth, Texas; Atlanta; Phoenix; New York; Chicago; Denver; Nashville, Tenessee; and Boston. More cities will be announced shortly.

Preorder the deluxe edition to also receive a hardback book with concept art, a soundtrack selection CD, Summon Materia DLC (which allows players to summon Cacyutar), and a Sepiroth SteelBook case. The digital version of the game comes with digital copies of those perks, minus the SteelBook. Preorder them both here.

Every version of the game’s preorder also includes a lanyard and the chance to win a limited-edition Sepiroth or Cloud Strife Chronograph watch. Is the anticipation killing you yet?

Watch the opening movie below!

Photo: Square Enix