You might not have the serum to become an actual Super Soldier, but if you’re down for rockin’ a Vibranium shield like Steve Rogers, you’re in luck!

Hasbro will soon release the Marvel Legends Gear Classic Comic Captain America Shield Prop Replica — the perfect accessory for pretending to be the first Avenger! The 24-inch diameter prop replica features exclusive comic book-style deco. Perfect for completing that classic Captain America cosplay outfit, or just claiming your rightful position as the official defender of your neighborhood.

Marvel Legends Shield

It’s been said that Captain America’s shield has been both his first line of defense and offense, so the shield has been proven to be multi-purpose.

You should be aware, however, that as noted by our friends at Entertainment Earth, Hasbro’s prop replica is crafted from Earth’s most suitable Vibranium substitute — plastic. What that means is that the joint power of Wakandan minerals and Stark Industries tech isn’t going to protect you against Hydra, Skrulls, Thanos’ minions, or neighborhood thugs, so let’s keep the battle to the Nerf darts, okay?

You can add this to your arsenal via Entertainment Earth or Hasbro Pulse.

Photos: Hasbro