The infamous villain is heading for National City for some brother and adopted sister bonding. And by the looks of The CW’s first image for an upcoming episode of Supergirl, it doesn’t seem to lead to a happy reunion by any means.

For years, there’s only been one Luthor on Supergirland that is Lena, the adopted sister of Lex, who continually tries to do better than her infamous villain brother. She even re-brands his anti-alien company to be more ethical and eco-friendly than the Luthor Corp he initially created. For a while now, her storyline on the series has intertwined with boyfriend James Olsen and keeping her Guardian-hero beau free from jail. Now, there’s a whole new evil plan to combat.

In an upcoming episode, The CW revealed that her Lena’s estranged brother, Lex Luthor (played by Two and a Half Men’s Jon Cryer), will return to the DC series later this season. The network released a first look of Cryer’s Lex looking like quite the evil genius while locked away in his maximum security prison cell.

The CW’s synopsis of the episode reads, “Lex Luthor reaches out from prison to enlist Lena (Katie McGrath) into one of his plans and will stop at nothing to get her on board, even if that means leveraging the life of one of her friends.” To complicate matters further for Lena, the title, “O Brother, Where Art Thou,” seems to indicate something big is coming. Could Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman make a return following Elseworlds to confront his long-time enemy? Or could we see a jailbreak, considering the prison backdrop of the image and the episode title?

Executive producer Jessica Queller previously spoke with Entertainment Weekly about this new version of Lex, “The character is not that dissimilar to what we’ve seen in canon. He just [has] a sparkle in his eye and is smarter than everybody in the room and 12 steps ahead of everyone, and just a large, delicious villain.”

Lex makes his Supergirl debut in episode 415, which will air March 17 on The CW.

Photo: Jordon Nuttall/The CW