Are we *finally* about to get LEGO sets of Mushroom Kingdom? Maybe a Skywalker Saga-type video game? It’s-a me, uncertain about everything.

A tweet featuring a 7-second video showcasing a LEGO-fied Mario and question marks has fans of the overall-wearing plumber wondering what it could mean. The words “‘It’s-a me, LEGO Mario!’ Stay tuned…” accompany the tweet from LEGO Group. Nintendo of America shared the same video and wrote, “Something fun is being built.”

Fans honor Mario’s Princess Peach-saving skills every year on March 10 because it looks like his name: MAR10. There is no more info on the collaboration at this time, but it seems LEGO and Nintendo are going to keep the celebrations going, and I will buy whatever it is, however many coins it takes.

Another notable team-up set to be even greater than Mario and Luigi is the collaboration between Super Mario and Levi’s. The clothing company released its first looks at the denim-clad Mario collection yesterday. The clothes feature a pattern of iconic characters, such as Princess Peach and Toad, on wardrobe staples, including overalls with coins going into the pocket.

Photo: LEGO