Ack! Ack! The creative team behind 2015’s Mars Attacks: Occupation is back for another series of story-based Mars Attacks trading cards.

Fresh from an appearance in Walmart’s “Famous Visitors” Super Bowl commercial, the Martians will appear in Sidekick Lab’s Mars Attacks: Uprising, a new collection of trading cards created under license from Topps. The sci-fi tale of Mars Attacks first debuted in 1962 as a set of Topps trading cards that have become sought-after collectibles in the decades since. Over the years, the franchise has spawned more cards, a line of merch, and served as the inspiration for Tim Burton‘s 1996 film, Mars Attacks!

Sidekick Lab recently tested the waters for Uprising by crowdfunding a five-card sampler pack that raised more than $11,500 against a $500 goal.

Mars Attacks: Uprising

Mars Attacks: Uprising is a set of story cards printed on retro stock and designed to look like the original 1962 series, right down to the old-school wax wrapper. Each card features art on the front with a portion of the story on the back. Featured artists include Ed Repka (Mars Attacks: Occupation),  William Skaar (Heavy Metal),  Carlos Valenzuela (Masters of the Universe), and Jason Crosby (Mars Attacks Sports Stars).

In the new tale, humanity strikes back after dealing with the Martians for nearly six decades.

If you want a set, you’ll have to get in on the action via Kickstarter. Mars Attacks: Uprising is now open for crowdfunding.

Photos: the Pop Insider