Rick and Morty fans, get ready to get schwifty. In celebration of the fourth season, this weekend Adult Swim will be unveiling a Mortymobile that fans can book to drive and “attract intergalactic attention.” 

The massive fiberglass Morty atop a 2010 Mazda will be unveiled this weekend at the Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles. Check out the picture above to understand just how awesome it is. Fans can book the car exclusively through Turo, which is basically Airbnb for cars. The next cities the car is heading will also be announced but, unfortunately, it will only be available to drive in America. There is no way yet to get the car to travel to different planets — even if they do have the best ice cream in the galaxy. 

Anyone who wants to book the car has to be at least 30 years old and get past some security screenings (oh jeez). People are urged to make a Turo account now so they can get through their security process in time. If you are planning to use the car to save the universe, you should be aware that there is a deposit to protect Morty. Driving too fast could cause him extreme anxiety (more than usual). 

Rickmobile — a mobile merch store that looked like Rick — previously toured 42 cities throughout the early fall. The Mortymobile, however, is the first time fans can actually drive their favorite character. If your city is announced, book it here.

Photo: Adult Swim