Netflix’s movie library has the most highly rated films of all the top streaming services, according to a study from the Streaming Observer.

Although Amazon Prime Video has more than 4.5 times the number of movies found in Netflix’s library, Netflix has more Certified Fresh films on Rotten Tomatoes than Prime, HBO Now, and Hulu combined. The streaming service has 596 critically acclaimed movies out of its 3,839 flicks.

Amazon Prime has the second largest number of Certified Fresh movies with 232 out of its 17,461 movies. Hulu follows close behind with 223 Certified Fresh movies out of its 2,336 movies. HBO Now falls far behind with 38 Certified Fresh movies out of its 815 films.

Netflix faced backlash for dropping its movie count by almost 3,000 since 2010. The service has left viewers with a mixed bag of cringe-worthy and awesome original series and movies during this time.

While many critics agree that the quality of the streamed films matters the most, others argue that content count prevails. Netflix must juggle both sides of this argument to appeal to a wide range of subscribers—especially when many prefer regularly updated streaming services with large, diverse libraries—and to maintain its lead in the market.

Netflix may be the king of streaming services now, but viewers will have to grab their popcorn and watch how long that lasts as new contenders from IMDb, NBCUniversal, Apple, and Disney enter the ring.

Photo: TechRadar