In a world left Batman-less, someone’s got to fill his caped void. And only street fighter Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) is ready to answer the call.

Prior to tonight’s highly anticipated season premiere of Batwoman on the CW, fans at New York Comic Con (NYCC) earlier today got a first look at the pilot. Taking place prior to the events of last season’s “Elseworlds” crossover where we first met Batwoman, the pilot begins after the disappearance of Batman.

Three years after Batman goes off the grid, the city finally dims the bat signal in the sky. A murderous new villain, Alice (Rachel Skarsten), then drops by into Gotham to send the city — and Kate’s father, Jacob — a message. She kidnaps Kane’s first love, Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy), which sends her hurrying back to town.

We start off with an incredibly fierce-AF Kane training and riding on motorcycles; however, a mystery is lurking underneath as we get glimpses of flashbacks of her as a child with sister Beth, and we see Batman attempt to save the day during their car wreck.


Actors Rachel Skarsten and Meagan Tandy discuss the upcoming season of Batwoman.

Alice gives off Wonderland vibes in her minions’ White Rabbit masks, her inspired frock, and even the way she talks in riddles and references. She’s clearly our new big bad villain this season, and she’s strong, fierce, and confident, with mysterious motives.

“I think Alice is always caught between these two personalities and realities, and there’s one side, the Beth side of her that very much still exists wants only the best for Kate, and wants to protect Kate and anyone Kate loves,” Skarsten says. “Then, there’s Alice, who is very jealous of Kate’s affections and has a very specific plan that only includes her and Kate, so I think that side would have zero regard for Sophie. We kind of dance between those two things and it will unfold as the season goes on.”

Once Kate slips on the suit and saves the day and girl, the town of Gotham resumes its hope. She decides to step outside of her father’s shadow and live life on her own terms.


There’s plenty of action and superhero antics, but like any great CW show, there’s also a great love story teased. Kate and Sophie, who first met at the military academy, have a great romantic story told in flashbacks, but it’s complicated by Sophie’s recent marriage to a Crow agent.

“Because now that Kate is back, there’s a lot of things that have just come back at the forefront,” Tandy says. “When they split up at military school, it happened so abruptly and there was no closure, and so, there’s a lot of unfinished business there.”

The story ends on a surprising cliffhanger surrounding the ever-dramatic Alice’s identity and her connection to Kate, a backstory that will be explored more this season.

“I’m so glad you guys are in on it,” Skarsten says. “I love it, I think it’s bold. I think it gives Ruby and I as our characters so much more to play with and explore the depths of the relationship, and I’m very happy that it’s revealed.”

In addition to exploring these main characters, the show will also bring in legendary villains Hush and Magpie. And, yes, the Batwoman squad will be majorly involved in this year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths DC crossover as well.

“It (Crisis on Infinite Earths) will have major implications on Gotham City in our show going forward, and there is so many amazing people being brought back. I did an amazing show, Birds of Prey, and they brought back the Huntress for [the episode]. There will be so much stuff like that, that I think will be so much fun if you’re a fan of any and all of it,” Skarsten says.

It’s all about Batwoman now, and I can’t wait to see where her story will go next.

Photos: The CW/ The Pop Insider