Harley Quinn may be best known as the Joker’s villainous girlfriend, but now she’s ready to take over Gotham and prove she’s the baddest villain around — not just a sidekick.

Part of Warner Bros. Television Block at New York Comic Con (NYCC), fans were treated to a special first screening at the pilot episode of DC’s new Harley Quinn animated series. Quinn (Kaley Cuoco) is a strong, feisty, and smart villain who is blinded by her affections for Joker, or “J.” The foul-mouthed series will premiere on Nov. 26 on DC Universe, and fair warning, there is a lot of foul language every few minutes.

The short episode features lots of antics and hijinks, language, and a badass Quinn in Gotham. The episode begins with Harley as “the muscle” to Joker’s evil villain, but while he keeps leaving his girl hanging, all she wants is a taste of evil and the glory. The evil duo fights Batman side by side, and J leaves Quinn behind every time as he escapes to safety.

As the comic story goes, she spends time in Arkham, but this time she’s there waiting for J to come save her. She makes friends with Poison Ivy and the Riddler along the way as they help her figure out the reality of her relationship so she can move on.

There’s a tremendous amount of butt-kicking adventures as Quinn strikes out on her own to be the new big bad around town. She switches from her classic red and black jumpsuit to a more revealing crop top and shorts, paired with her signature multicolored pigtails and trades in her mallet in for a baseball bat. She means business and is ready to take over the town.

Following the episode, a season preview teased lots of Quinn’s battles with various heroes as she proves herself to be a villain in her own right.

Photo: DC Universe