When we last left the world of A Quiet Place in 2018 the characters seemed hopeful. A baby was born, and survival seemed more possible than ever. Everything changes in the noisy trailer for A Quiet Place 2.

The initial scene touches on the beginning of the end, but it quickly moves on to the current life of the Abbot Family. They’re now outside of their comfortably built home and in the danger of the world around them. Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and her children quickly learn that the monsters aren’t the only thing to fear. 

“You don’t know, but I do, the people that are left aren’t the kinda people worth saving,” a new character warns.

Unfortunately, the trailer leaves a lot to be desired. The silent suspense of the first film is replaced by just plain, old suspense — they’re never actually that quiet. At the end of the first film, *spoiler* the characters actually figured out how to kill the monsters, and it bugged me so much that it wasn’t touched on in the trailer. It was such a redemptive moment for Regan (Millicent Simmonds), and to leave out any mention of it leaves me feeling like it’s losing something. 

Ready or not, A Quiet Place 2 will be in theaters on March 20. Watch the trailer below.

Photo: Paramount Pictures