Rick and Morty are headed to the Super Bowl, bro!

Adult Swim’s animated cash cow has just unveiled another product partnership by teasing a Pringles commercial featuring spokesperson Morty. The full ad will debut during Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, Feb. 2.

The teaser ad that dropped on the official Rick and Morty Twitter account features a robotic Morty instructing a classroom of more robotic Mortys on how to make the ultimate Pringles stack.

Rick and Morty is currently in its fourth season on adult swim. While any Rick and Morty content is welcomed content, fans are eager to know when they can once again expect new episodes.

To celebrate the partnership, new Pickle Rick Pringles will hit the snack aisle just in time for the Big Game. After hearing about that tasty collab, all we have to say is:

Rick Sanchez with a lollipop

Photo: adult swim