Haunted houses are all fun and games — until you find a book that sends monsters after you.

As a follow up to the teaser trailer, the official trailer for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, from Lionsgate, CBS Films, and eOne, debuted yesterday.

It gives fans of Alvin Schwartz’ classic horror book series a closer look into the movie produced by Guillermo del Toro and directed by André Øvredal.

The story’s iconic monsters come to life and hunt for their prey: young high school kids from Mill Valley who entered a creepy house of horrors. This turns out to be a deadly mistake.

The kids find Sarah Bellows’ book of scary short stories that focus on several monsters based on the tortures she faced in the house. The book reads whoever finds it and plans for monsters to go after them. Even the sheriff has a hard time believing these scary events are happening — until the lights go off and sh** gets real.

This trailer teaches a few lessons, like don’t hit scarecrows just because you feel like it and don’t pop your pimples unless a sack of spiders is growing in it.

A major s/o goes to the corpse looking for her missing toe. Walking with heels on is rough, and this poor lady can walk like a pro with just nine toes. Excuse me, but she’s a qween.

The horror movie, which is sure to be scary good, premieres on Aug. 9.

Check out the new spooky trailer below.

Photo: CBS Films