The moment you’ve been waiting for is here: Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is *finally* out.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross recreates the first two seasons of the Seven Deadly Sins anime but adds in-depth adventures to keep even the most well-versed fan on their toes. Those already familiar with the show can experience it in a whole new way, but those who just want to play a role-player game (RPG) will still be able to develop a full sense of the anime.

If you haven’t seen the show, Seven Deadly Sins follows Meliodas and a group of other characters who represent the seven deadly sins. Each of them is framed for the murder of the Great Holy Knight, and they disband to hide. The game follows them as they try to stay alive. Battles take place when they come into contact with Holy Knights, people from the kingdom who want them all dead. (I saw the game first hand about a week ago, and the graphics blew me away.)

The series is 2D, traditional anime, but the RPG enables you to feel as if you’re in the world of the characters. I wasn’t familiar with the anime before checking out the game (although now I definitely want Hawk as a sidekick), but I didn’t feel that it hindered my experience. I learned everything I needed to know through some of the more than 100 cutscenes. Some sequences come directly from the show, but some are totally unique.

As mentioned before, when one of the Seven Deadly Sins comes in contact with a Holy Knight, it is time to battle. Players choose from cards randomly assigned to them to pick the best combat moves. Stars on the cards combine with each other to make an action more powerful. Combine multiple stars to make an Ultimate move with huge power. While most battles consist of three people, there is a Boss Battle in which six members need to work together.

The game does its best to remain authentic. It even had the original Japanese voice actors reprise their roles. This global launch follows last year’s popular debut of the game in Japan and will be available with subtitles in multiple languages, including English.

Netmarble says more content will be added to the game to keep fans intrigued. Currently, players can unlock new modes in the game, participate in events, and even grab a freshly cooked meal from Meliodas’s pub — just make sure he didn’t cook it. Always be in style by unlocking different costumes with the coins you earn from battles.

More than 2 million people pre-registered for Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, and they’ll receive a Meliodas in-game character with a costume and weapon, 30 diamonds, 100,000 Gold, and an exclusive box with in-game items, including a costume for Elizabeth.

Gamers and anime fans win big with this mobile game, and if you just so happen to be both, then this is your ultimate lucky day. Find it in the App Store or from Google Play, and get ready to battle!

Photos: Netmarble