After a controversial first release, Sonic the Movie returns with an all-new, live-action trailer. Sonic’s freaky design from the first trailer has been completely reimagined, so our favorite blue hedgehog actually looks like his classic iterations. 

Not only is Sonic sporting a new look, but the trailer gives fans way more information about the movie’s storyline. The new trailer reveals that Sonic, in all of his charismatic glory, came to Earth because there was always someone after his superpowers. 

While playing a game of baseball, the speedster accidentally goes supersonic and knocks out the power in the entire Pacific Northwest. This unusual power surge is discovered by the infamous Doctor Robotnik (Jim Carrey), who wants to uncover the secret of the “silly little alien’s” power. Sonic, driven into hiding once again, is found bumming around in Tom Wachowski’s (James Marsden) basement. The two end up taking an action-packed road trip to escape the ploys of Robotnik, working together to protect the world from Robotnik’s scientific mayhem.

The new trailer sells the movie as a funny and exciting spin on the original series. Carrey really steps into the role of Robotnik and acts as ridiculous as ever with a goofy handlebar mustache and cyberpunk trench coat. Sonic, voiced by Ben Schwartz, embodies the witty and sarcastic character we all know and love. Overall, this new trailer is a vast improvement from the original. Now, I can say I’m ready to see the Furry Blue Rat race onto screens everywhere. 

I know I’m excited, but Twitter always seems to one-up me in the reactions department. Everyone is loving the redesign and I am here for it! Check out some of my personal favorite tweets so far.

Photo: Paramount Pictures