They kept the spirit alive for Eternia, and now Super7 is headed for Third Earth, as another ’80s-era toy department staple is poised for a comeback.

Produced by LJN, the Thundercats toy line and its companion animated series developed a large following between 1985-1988, directly competing in a space dominated by Mattel’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (MOTU). While the toys never hit the same level of success that MOTU would enjoy, there was enough of a difference that Thundercats would thrive and stand on its own, maintaining fans in the decades that followed. With LJN having folded in 1995, the Thundercats license bounced around a bit, eventually passing through Bandai in 2011 and landing at Mattel. In 2016, the company released a small assortment of highly detailed Thundercats Ultimates action figures through its since-shuttered MattyCollector platform. Now, Super7 is relaunching the line.

Thundercats - Super7

In a similar scenario to when Super7 took over Masters of the Universe Classics following the MattyCollector closure, the company is re-starting Thundercats by releasing an initial wave of upgraded figures that were previously released by Mattel. The 7-inch scale Lion-O, Panthro, Jackalman, and Mumm-Ra (Mummy Form) are sculpted by the Four Horsemen and will be offered with an assortment of additional accessories, along with a secondary headsculpt that was not included in the 2016 Mattel release.

Thundercats - Super7

Each Ultimate Thundercats figure will be packaged in a collector-focused deluxe slip-case display box with its accessories. Preorders for the first wave are open now.

Photos: Super7