The most heartwarming video game series from Thatgamecompany — yes, that’s its actual name —  will release its next installment, Sky: Children of Light, in July.

In the social adventure game sequel, up to eight players will be Children of Light and spread hope throughout the kingdom to recover and return Stars to their constellations. They’ll play with their friends and other players worldwide as emotionally driven characters with complex backstories against a minimalist backdrop and an orchestral score.

Each character is customizable, can socialize with others in the game, and build teams. To make new friends in the world — because we know some people need the help — players can gift candles of light to others.

Players will journey through an expanding world as they bring compassion, friendship, and wonder into the world with upcoming attractions, including seasonal events and the expansion of the seven realms.

If your heart hasn’t already turned to mush, check out the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trailer below.

The game is available for preorder on the App Store on Apple devices. It will launch on Android, macOS, tvOS, PC, and consoles afterward.

Photo: Thatgamecompany