Noah Centineo’s Internet Boyfriend status (a result from his roles in Netflix’s teen flicks TATBILB and Sierra Burgess is a Loser) was stolen out from under him when Luke Benward in Dumplin’ came into our lives (Sorry not sorry, Bo Larson is perfect!), and now he’s taking his crown back.

While we had heard the news of the April Netflix arrivals and seen the social media teasers, we knew Centineo was back to star in another teen rom-com for the streaming platform. And now, with the official trailer released, we see Centineo in action, as the perfect date — which, I mean, accurate.

The film’s premise follows Centineo’s Brooks Rattigan as he builds an app to stand in as the perfect fake boyfriend for different girls, even customizing his personality each time, for a price to help him pay for college.

The attractive, yet unpopular, Brooks seemingly wants the best in life: a fancy sports car, the affection of a wealthy, popular girl Shelby (Riverdale’s Camila Mendes), and admission/tuition to Yale University (apparently the only college out there?). In a teen movie-worthy plot to earn money, he gets paid to escort outcast and bad dancer Celia (Laura Marano) to her school dance. When the date is a success and Celia becomes a close friend, he decides that he can do this for more people and earn enough to pay for tuition for college (that he’s yet to be accepted to, but who’s keeping track).

Since the trailer gives everything away up front, it’s evident that the app is a success, even earning him the affection of his dream girl Shelby (Mendes basically plays another version of Veronica Lodge here) and his first fake-date-turned-friend Celia, and much like any good teen romance movie, it’s clear exactly what we can expect by its April 12 release date.

Is it trash content? Yes. But, will we watch it? 100 percent without a doubt.

Don’t just take my word for it; watch the complete trailer for yourself and prepare to swoon over Centineo once more as, quite literally, the perfect movie boyfriend he was meant to play.

Photo: Netflix