The Purge God Mask

The “God Mask” at NYCC’s ‘The Purge’ panel. | Source: Jackie Cucco

Horror fanatics got together at New York Comic Con (NYCC) on Thursday for USA Network’s The Purge panel.

Creator James DeMonaco joined executive producers and writers Krystal Houghton Ziv and James Roland, as well as cast members Derek Luke, Paola Nunez, Joel Allen, and Rochelle Aytes to get into the nitty gritty of The Purge’s upcoming season.

The Purge universe is vast, with four films under its belt and a fifth on the way about a dystopian future in which the U.S. government issues one night a year without law. All crime — including murder — is legal for 12 continuous hours with the idea that people can “purge” all their anger and stress during that time, causing the violent crime rate to go down for the rest of the year.

USA’s version is an anthology TV series that made its debut last year. Season two comes out this month and panel attendees were treated to a premiere screening of the first episode, introducing all new characters and stories for the second season.

The Purge Cast

Panel moderator with James DeMonaco, Derek Luke, Rochelle Avtes, Joel Allen, Paola Nunez, Krystal Houghton Ziv, and James Roland (from left to right). | Source: Jackie Cucco

Fans learned that the second season delves deeper into the logistics of the “purge” and how the results of Purge Night affect people for the other 364 days of the year. The season is bookended by purges — it begins on one Purge Night and ends on another. It also takes place about 5 years after season one.

DeMonaco shared that the plot of the new season was actually inspired by the fans themselves. More specifically, it was inspired by burning curiosity on Twitter, Reddit, and at NYCC last year about what goes on behind the scenes, such as who cleans up the bodies after Purge Night.

“It speaks to the repercussions of the purge. … It turns your life upside down,” DeMonaco said. “Violence is not containable to one evening. It’s going to sneak itself into society.” Season two will also divulge more about the New Founding Fathers of America (the political group that began the purge).

The Purge masks costumes

Fans were allowed get up close and personal with some of the masks and costumes from the show. | Source: Jackie Cucco

There was also a fabulously creepy display of some of the actual masks and costumes used in the show, including the infamous “God mask” that made several appearances throughout the franchise.

The Purge season two premieres on Oct. 15 on USA.

Photos: The Pop Insider