Photo: Ubisoft

Live-action adaptations are in the works for two of Ubisoft’s video games: a TV series based on Child of Light, and a film based on Werewolves Within.

Both video game adaptations stem from Ubisoft’s first Women’s Film and Television Fellowship, Variety reports. Two fellows from the program were selected to transform one of Ubisoft’s games into a movie or TV series. Mishna Wolff selected Werewolves Within and Tasha Huo chose Child of Light. The women spent six months working one-on-one with Danielle Kreinik, director of television development, and Margaret Boykin, director of film development to fine tune the details. Wolff and Huo then pitched their ideas to Ubisoft Motion Pictures, and both received script deals.

Wolff is currently working on the script for Werewolves Within, a virtual reality game about players in the village trying to guess which one of them is a werewolf, while the werewolf is trying to convince the others it’s someone else. Wolff describes her vision as a live-action horror comedy full of political satire. Watch the video game trailer here:

Huo is writing a pilot for a TV series based on Child of Light, a fantasy role-playing game with a strong female heroine trying to save a kingdom. Watch the video game trailer here:

The fellowship will continue with two new female screenwriters. The application process starts today.