Films and TV shows about zombies have become predictable in their premises. A virus breaks out, people have to run to save their lives, and then they try to adjust to what their world has become. But AMC is trying to change that: A teaser trailer dropped yesterday for the third series in The Walking Dead universe, and it is … different.

Check it out below.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond will revolve around a group of young people raised during the zombie apocalypse. Walkers — which they call empties — are all they know. Ultimately, they will have to leave the safety of their sanctuary behind in order to go on a mission to save what they believe in — no biggie.

The trailer shows high-stakes action and a lot of zombie killing. It hints at trouble ahead with an army-like group led by Emmy-winner Julia Ormand as Elizabeth. She looks like a force to be reckoned with, standing powerful and strong in front of the podium in the images released from the show. The show is currently filming in Virginia and is expected to premiere next spring.

Photo: AMC