Here come the Jets — and the Sharks! The highly anticipated film adaptation of the iconic Broadway musical West Side Story is coming, from the creative mind of director Steven Spielberg. The tale is currently in production, starring former YA boyfriend Ansel Elgort and high school student Rachel Zegler as the two romantic leads.

While the cast prepares their vocals and whips their dance moves into shape, 20th Century Fox has released the first cast image on set — and it’ll take you to the streets of 1950s New York City.

While the entire cast isn’t pictured, we see the rival Sharks and Jets gangs led by Maria and Tony (Zegler and Elgort, respectively) set against a sepia-toned city street.

Roll call! In the image — from left to right — we see Jet members Anybodys (Ezra Menas), Mouthpiece (Ben Cook), Action (Sean Harrison Jones), Riff (Mike Faist), Baby John (Patrick Higgins), and Tony (Elgort) holding hands with Maria (Zegler), as the lineup continues through the Sharks on the opposite side. The Sharks pictured, from left to right, are Bernardo (David Alverez), Quique (Julius Anthony Rubio), Chago (Ricardo Zayas), Chino (Josh Andrés Rivera), Braulio (Sebastian Serra), and Pipo (Carlos Sánchez Falú).

The film, produced and directed by Spielberg, features a script from Tony Kushner (Angels in America) and choreography from Justin Peck (New York City Ballet, Carousel).

The film will be released by Disney on Dec. 18, 2020.

H/T Deadline

Photo: 20th Century Fox