Fisher-Price Little People Collector Golden Girls | Source: Mattel/the Pop Insider

As we say in St. Olaf, big things come in small packages.

Today, Mattel revealed three new Fisher-Price Little People Collector sets (which feature popular characters and significant people redesigned as Little People figures): the Golden Girls, the Rolling Stones, and Inspiring Women. Fans can take home adorable, tiny versions of some big names in these sets, either for their kids’ toy boxes or for their own collector’s shelf.

You can almost hear the sass — although we assume it’s PG — from the Golden Girls set. Each of the four iconic women features vibrant colors and distinctive detail. The packaging includes odes to the show with Fredrick the Teddy Bear in the background and popular quotes such as “Picture it. Sicily 1912.”

Fisher-Price Little People Collector Rolling Stones and Inspiring Women | Source: Mattel/the Pop Insider

The Rolling Stones set celebrates the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers’ influence through the decades with rocking details on the packaging and figures. You can’t always get what you want, but you can get Little People of band members Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts, holding their respective instruments.

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Young kids and adults can get inspired to do big things with the Inspiring Women set. It features Little People versions of poet Dr. Maya Angelou, pilot Amelia Earhart, civil rights hero Rosa Parks, and astronaut Sally Ride. The packaging for this set features real pictures of the women and the words that best describe them (strong, determined, passionate, etc.).

These sets will cost $19.99 each. The Golden Girls set is available to purchase starting today, Sept. 27, at major retailers, while the Rolling Stones set is available today exclusively from Amazon. The Inspiring Women set will follow, dropping exclusively at Target on Oct. 3. These sets join previous Little People Collectors sets inspired by The OfficeElfLord of the Rings, The Beatles, and more.