Anyone who planned to spend the day playing some rounds of Fortnite battle royale is out of luck.

Yesterday, the game ended its 10th season with a cosmic explosion, which led to a livestream event that is (literally) just a black hole. The game’s entire site, including its news page, shows nothing but the black hole livestream, which has been playing for about 20 hours at this point. At a certain point, numbers also started appearing on the screen.

This, of course, has left Fortnite fans around the world frantic to figure out what the black hole means and if/when the game will be back online. #FortniteBlackout is trending on Twitter, with more than 22,000 tweets about the game being down. Video game streaming platform Twitch has been especially active in the conversation, providing endless theories about what the blackout could mean.

Of course, there’s no shortage of memes (how else can you fill the time when there’s no Fortnite?) Enjoy some of the best below, and check out the livestream here for updates, hopefully!


Photo: Epic Games