Anyone attempting to play Fortnite yesterday was met with a mysterious black hole as the game ended its 10th season with a galactic explosion. The game’s entire site, including its news page, showed nothing but the black hole livestream for more than 20 hours. Today, Fortnite released a launch trailer for Chapter Two of the game, which gamers can play now.

Chapter Two of the game will have plenty of new features, including the following:

  • A new island with 13 locations;
  • Water gameplay, including swimming, fishing, and motorboats;
  • Seven new outfits with hero and villain alter egos;
  • New ways to support your squad, including the ability to heal with the bandage bazooka, the ability to carry your fallen teammates to safety, and group emotes, such as high fives;
  • Hideouts and explosives, including exploding gas tanks and barrels;
  • Upgraded combat, including a streamlined weapon arsenal; and
  • A new battle pass, featuring a new XP system and medals you can earn in matches.

Check out the trailer below.

Photo: Fortnite