First Funko and now Jazwares. Keep the good news coming, fam!

Jazwares teamed up with Epic Games, the genius behind the Fortnite gaming phenomena, to create a wide range of toys for fans to obsess over. You can expect to see game figures, Domez, loot boxes, play sets, environments, game-replica weapons and tools, plush, vehicles, and so. much. more!

The Epic Games team is already on board for the line. “Jazwares have been so awesome to work with, and from the start have shown that they really understand the Fortnite universe and what makes it unique. They’re working on stuff right now that I think our players are really going to love. I can’t wait for them to see all of it later this year,” says Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games.

That leap of fate is all we need to know that Jazwares will bring us the good stuff. Mark your calendar for the launch in December, where product will be available for purchase at retailers worldwide.