Source: Casetify

“A” is for Aimbot, “B” is for Battle Royale, and “C” is for… Casetify?

That’s right, Casetify is dropping into the world of Fortnite to bring fans a royale-sized collection of tech accessories! Gamers can gear up with characters such as Cuddle Team Leader, DJ Yonder, Durrr Burger, and Peely to show off their Fortnite swag.

Fortnite x Casetify Collection iPhone Cases | Source: Casetify

These icons (and more) will be featured on Casetify’s drop-proof impact and ultra-impact iPhone cases. One of the designs shows off a repeating pattern of Cuddle Team Leader popsicle heads with a transparent backing (pictured, far left), while another displays zig-zag caution tape with the Fortnite logo (third from right) because this collection is dangerously epic. A cute, disco-eyed Peely in a yellow transparent case can also help fans up their accessorizing game IRL (far right).

This collection also includes the Welcome to the Party Band Case and the Fortnite Sticker Case. The former features wristbands in a hodgepodge of Fortnite-inspired patterns, while the latter showcases popular in-game characters and items such as Boogie Bombs, Loot Llamas, and more. Rounding out this Casetify “supply drop” are various AirPods cases, Apple Watch bands, and water bottles.

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For fans who want to add more of a “clean groove” to their tech accessories, Casetify recently announced another collection in partnership with LINE Friends. That collection features characters such as Brown and Sally in cleaning-essential themed designs and will launch on April 26 on

Fans can electro-shuffle on over to Casetify’s website on May 6 when the Fortnite x Casetify collection launches. Click here to join their virtual waitlist and be the first to know when it drops!