Friends Virtual Tour | Source: On Location Tours

If it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, pause that episode of Friends you’re streaming and get ready to say “Oh. My. God,” because now you can visit some of your fave Friends locations from the comfort of home.

On Location Tours — one of the world’s largest TV and movie tour companies — has launched an online tour featuring famous sets and locations from Friends. Celebrate the beloved sitcom with a 40-minute video tour that is perfect for casual and die-hard fans alike.

With in-person tour operations on a break, On Location Tours created a new, safer way for fans to see their favorite shows up close. Hosted by tour guide Roseanne Almanzar, the Friends tour goes to 18 sets, apartments, and department stores where the show took place. The video was shot on location in New York City to give fans the most up-close experience they can get (without actually being there, of course).

In the video, fans will virtually visit the iconic Friends apartment building, Chandler’s work building, and the Museum of Natural History, where Ross worked as a paleontologist. Bloomingdale’s and Saks 5th Ave are also some work-related stops on the trip. These stops and more will make fans feel like they are hanging out alongside Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey.


Then, after the tour, fans can flex their Friends knowledge: All tickets to the virtual tour come with admission to a virtual Friends trivia night held monthly by On Location Tours. There are two tour packages available: the Friends Virtual Tour, which includes just the ticket and trivia for $29, and the Friends Virtual Tour + Package. For $68, this package includes a gift box with a Central Perk mug and four other surprise keepsakes, which ships directly to fans.

Book a virtual tour now on the On Location Tours website!