Drink up, friends! | Source: Fright-Rags

Remember when a trip to the movies meant picking up a sweet souvenir cup at the concession stand?

Sure, you can still pay $12 for a “souvenir cup” that comes with some pre-fab, studio-sanctioned stock key art wrapped around it, but that won’t even come close to the glorious beverage holders of the ’80s and ’90s.

The folks at Fright-Rags agree, and that’s why they’ve commissioned artist Matthew Skiff to whip up some killer, ’80s-inspired artwork for a trio of proper souvenir cups for some movies that didn’t get the honor the first time around.

Drink ’em all! | Source: Fright-Rags

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Now you can own 32-ounce cups inspired by Teen Wolf (1985), RoboCop (1987), and Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988). And, since they’re just $7 each, you can even fill them up with nearly a liter of your favorite beverage and still wind up with more cash left in your pocket than you would during a trip to the multiplex.

Now, where did I put that VCR?