Source: Pura

Love is an open door… inside is a welcoming fragrance!

Pura has released two scents inspired by scenes in Disney’s Frozen 2 to give fans an idea of the sensory experiences their favorite characters underwent. These fragrances are “Elsa Journeys to Ahtohallan” and “Anna and Olaf in the Enchanted Forest.”

The first scent takes fans down the frozen river of memory to Ahtohallan with lemon, blackberry nectar, and hints of citrus that are designed to energize the room in the same way that Elsa and the Nokk charge through the water. There are also hints of vanilla, blonde woods, and iris that give the fragrance a more soothing, sweet quality (the power of love, if you will).

“Anna and Olaf in the Enchanted Forest” captures the essence of this mystical realm with scents of mossy woods, Tamarak trees, juniper berries, and birch. For this fragrance, perfumer Stephen Nilsen incorporated ScentTrek, a technology that can directly capture the scent of flora in nature.

“Elsa Journeys to Ahtohallan” and “Anna and Olaf in the Enchanted Forest” Fragrances | Source: Pura

These scents are both compatible with the Pura Smart Home Fragrance diffuser, which allows users to control the scent intensity of their diffusers through a compatible smartphone Pura app. Users can also swap between fragrances of choice and set custom scent schedules, so they can step back into the Enchanted Forest during a lunch break or for a little R&R sesh.

Those who already have a Pura diffuser can snag “Elsa Journeys to Ahtohallan” or “Anna and Olaf in the Enchanted Forest” fragrance refills for $16 each. One vial should last up to two weeks, if running 8 hours per day. There is also a set of both fragrances, packaged with the Pura device, available for $80. Both the set and individual fragrances are on sale now at