Source: Funko

Anyone who has been to New York Comic Con (NYCC) can tell you that the Funko booth is front and center, fun, and always crowded, as fans wait in line to get their hands on the show’s exclusive Pop! figures.

And while this year’s version of the con (NYCC and MCM Comic Con’s Metaverse) may be online, there are still tons of Funko exclusives for fans. The company is offering its would-be NYCC items as part of its fourth Funko Virtual Con event, which will take place Oct. 5-10. In addition to the exclusives shop, the virtual con will feature activations, special guests, and more.

Unlike this year’s previous three Funko Virtual Cons, Funko Virtual Con 4.0 has a new lottery system, in an attempt to combat bots and Funatics the best possible shopping experience.


If you want to be eligible for the lottery, you have to have an account on and be a member of the Funko Fan Club by Sept. 28. Don’t worry, both of these are free! You also must have a physical shipping address in the U.S.

Then, Funko will randomly select lottery winners from its fan club members and notify them via email by Oct. 2. On Oct. 8, lottery winners will receive a second email with a link and password for the sale.

There will be a few different time slots, with winners spread out between them. Each fan is also limited to purchasing only one of each NYCC exclusive.

For more details about how to create a Funko Fan Club account and about the virtual con in general, check out this blog post. Also, don’t forget that some of Funko’s NYCC exclusives have shared retailers. Check out this Instagram post for the full breakdown!