Take your Funko collection higher, further, and faster with the MCU’s fiercest female superhero yet (and her trusty Flerken sidekick).

Funko recently announced a new set of Captain Marvel Pop! collectibles based some very important scenes (*spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the movie already!*) from the film. A new superhero figure of Captain Marvel wears her iconic red, blue, and gold super suit and holds the sought-after Tesseract (inside the ‘90s-inspired lunch pail she hides it in).

Additional Pop! figures show Carol’s best animal pal Goose in true Flerken form, safely guarding the precious Tesseract. Every sixth Flerken figure shows Goose half-transitioned to her full self, tentacles growing from her head.


captain marvel goose funkocaptain marvel goose funko

Photos: Funko