Source: Funko

Free Comic Book Day has been replaced with Free Comic Book Summer (thanks COVID!) and Funko is celebrating with a special Loki-themed bundle, available on July 15.

Loki is the poster-child of the comic Thor (2020) #1 (and also youngest child syndrome). As a tribute to the mighty trickster, Funko’s bundle is aaaaalll Loki. It includes one Pop! Marvel Loki figure, one Pop! Marvel Loki T-shirt available in three designs exclusive to the bundle, and one Thor #1 comic which could come with one of three possible covers, with the purple one being the rarest of them all.

Fans also have a chance to receive one of 25 Golden Tickets that won’t bring them to a chocolate waterfall but will allow them to get a Funko Prize Pack, which includes assorted Funko prototypes. Those with the luck of the mischievous prince could also win one of 12 Pop! figures that have been signed by the Funko’s CEO Brian Mariotti.

Test your luck on July 15, when the collectible bundle goes on sale. For those not feeling the thunder, Free Comic Book Day Summer will bring exclusive, *free* comics right to your local comic book shop through Sept. 9. Click here for more info!